Because area rugs are woven in layers, dirt collects and wears the rug’s fibers out when it’s not professionally cleaned regularly. As a result, even our treasured Oriental rugs take much abuse our carpets don’t hold up over time like they are supposed to. Area rugs and Oriental rugs are subject to wear other carpets aren’t because of this.

Carpet Cleaner Manhattan are your experts for cleaning your valuable rugs. Many homeowners and businesspeople try to hand clean area rugs as a do-it-yourself project. It’s something best left to Carpet Cleaner Manhattan to make sure it’s done perfectly. Let us protect your valued rugs.


area-rug-cleaning-ManhattanGuests come over and sometimes drinks or food are spilled on your area rugs. Then of course we have pets that like to sleep on that area rug no matter what we do.

Oriental rugs are investments that can gain value over time. Rugs are heirlooms. You try to protect them from spills, wear, and of course your pets and everyone’s clumsy uncle Jim. Area rugs are often handmade using special materials that are handle with care sensitive. When you clean them the colors can run on Oriental or area rugs using the wrong cleaner. Abrasive cleaners can damage the fibers. Carpet Cleaner Manhattan can’t help you with that.

We can help you by avoiding that altogether. Our pro Oriental and area rug cleaning gives your rug a deep cleaning through all the layers. There is no trapped dirt left to wear and break the rug fibers. If any repairs need to happen, we’ll tell you and provide an estimate. Carpet Cleaning Manhattan will protect your special heirlooms.

We use specialty cleaning equipment and products that keeps your Oriental looking beautiful. In Manhattan, there is no safer way to get your area rugs cleaned. Call Carpet Cleaning Manhattan.

If there are any pet urine stains, we have a stain removal service that guarantees results. You won’t pay a penny if your carpet isn’t perfect. Carpet Cleaner Manhattan guarantees wants you as a customer.